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Gail on the web:

- Jenkins Art Studio
- JB Wood Products
- Member Attleboro Arts Museum
- Society of Decorative Painters

Gail Frigon Painting TeacherAbout Gail Frigon Artist/Teacher

Gail Frigon Artists Teacher"I knew at young age that art was my passion.  Being a self-taught artist for many years of my life, I attended my first formal class in Bauernmalerei (European Painting) technique nearly thirty years ago.  Since then, I have actively pursued my dream and have constantly taken continuing education classes to further my art career.  My decorative painting background includes a collection of several teaching certifications involving many styles and techniques."

Certificates and Commendations

  • Jenkins Certified Art Teacher (J-CAT) specializing in Floral Painting - Jenkins Style of Oil Painting. (completion of Silver, Bronze, and Gold Classes, for Floral Painting, Manchester, GA) 

  • Certification to teach Bob Ross Technique of Painting Landscapes

  • Certification to teach Bob Ross Technique of Painting Florals

  • Certification to teach Coulter Grisaille Technique

  • Certification to teach Folk Art One Stroke Donna Dewberry Technique. 

  • Awarded Fashion Show:  Most Elegant presented by Donna Dewberry of Dewberry Designs, Inc.

  • Completion of Heather Redick's Fundamental Skills program.

  • Extensive training in portrait painting under the instruction of Valerie Stewart.

  • Awarded Second Place Winner in the Professional Category at Kaswood International 2003.


View a few examples of Gail's portrait work below.
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