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Welcome to ExpressionsByYou.com! Whether you are looking for an elegant composition to add creativity and color to your home, or you are an aspiring painter in need of an instructor, Expressions By You will help you on your journey!

Gail Frigon, your artist and certified instructor will guide you on your path of the fine art of painting. Please take a few moments and browse the many works Gail has brought to life on canvas. Gail's experience travels far beyond the easel. Her works have been published in Paint Works Magazine [Issue Aug '10] Quick & Easy Painting [issues: Feb '09 & June '09], and her classes and seminars have forwarded many artists in their pursuit of perfecting their talents and accomplishing their dreams.

If you have any questions please contact the artist directly via email at: gailjfrigon@comcast.net



"I knew at a young age that art was my passion. I was a self-taught artist for many years of my life then formally trained over 30 years ago. I now actively pursue my dream of advancing my own techniques; while teaching others the fine art of painting."
- Gail Frigon
Bob Ross (CRI, CRFI)
Gary Jenkins (J-CAT)
Donna Dewberry (OSCI)
Linda Coulter (CCGI)

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